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150th Mass shooting of 2024. Horrifying footage of 2 men attempting to kill everybody on site

150th Mass shooting of 2024 San Antonio Texas may 8th 

The way these 2 guys approached the home of the victims and attempted to kill everything moving  is  definitely a warning sign to all Americans and others around the  world  to become aware of the violence currently happening all across America on a daily basis. The Mass shooting Left a infant dead and a mother. There are men roaming  through out the united states of America killing  people everyday. The crimes are being replicated and duplicated much to often. and should not be taken likely . People are killing other people at record numbers. Police rarely find and arrest the suspects. Most importantly, the men that committing these crimes are killing anybody near or close to the attended victim , which is very scary,  whole families are being targeted, innocent by standers and friends are not immune to the unnecessary acts of violence thats taking place in every city, town and state in America. These crimes are happening in our recreational areas, wprk place, places of worship, shopping malls, grocery stores and places of employment. This is not to scar you, i’m just trying to inform you about the importance of Civility Awareness.

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