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164th mass shooting of 2023 Baltimore, Maryland, April 17, 2023.

April 17, 2023, The 164th Mass Shooting of 2023 took place in Baltimore Maryland, in broad daylight at around 11:30 am, directly in front of kids. It all begin over a dispute that could’ve and should’ve been easily resolved peacefully, but like so many other unnecessary acts of violence  incidents, this one didn’t yield any fatalities, Luckily no kids where harmed but unfortunately Four adult males did get shot and has since been treated and released from the hospital.The North Side Baltimore neighborhood have no Civility Awareness Billboards present anywhere, but what you can find are hundreds of alcohol and pharmaceutical ads posted on almost every corner being replicated and duplicated over the last two decades. exactly what the state and local representatives ordered, chaos, poverty and peopled being harmed and killed at the hands of their neighbors.

Civility Awareness Ads works, Science backs the claims

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