January 18, 2021

Lives In Harmony

Preventing Unnecessary Acts of Violence

19th Mass Shooting of 2021. Miami Dade, Florida January 11, 2021.

2nd Mass Shooting in less than a week in the same community of Dade county Miami has left 6 people critically wounded and a whole neighborhood wondering if 2021 will be another year of nonstop, unnecessary Violence. Who shoots up a playground full of kids and teens? 

Our places of worship, employment, recreational and play areas have become targets for people looking for vengeance, and the people committing these types of acts don’t care about who or how many lives they take. We should all take heed to this. There are way to many mentally ill people with guns roaming the stress of America. Government agencies are aware of this , but continue to allow gun manufactures to make guns at record rates.

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