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2023 ended with 653 Mass Shootings. 2nd highest ever recorded.

The 653rd mass shooting 2023, happened in Denver Colorado around vikings bar and grill on December 30th, This marks the 2nd highest number of Mass shootings ever within a 1 year span. In 2021 their were 689 Mass shootings in the U.S.A.

Over sixty thousand people in the U.S. lost their lives or where injured due to gun violence in the year 2023.Rather  suicide, homicide or unintentional these numbers are astonishing. U.S.A is officially the Murder capital of the world.No other country on the planet comes close to U.S.A in regards, to violence and murder amongst its own citizens.

Recap of 2023 violence in America:

  1. More than 36,245 people were injured due to gun violence.
  2. More than 24.090 died by suicide.
  3. Over 42,881 people died or were injures from gun violence
  4. Another 18,791 people were murdered/ homocide.

Evil can not kill Evil. Stop the killing of each other, Please.

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