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2024 starts the same way 2023 ended, violently

2024 has  started the way 2023 ended.Mass shooting after Mass shooting.

Downtown Los Angeles, Ca, New Year’s eve party tragically ends  with 2 people getting killed and 8 others injured , left with life altering injuries due to a mass shooting on a night people were celebrating the new year. As usual L.A Police has no Idea how the shooting started. But  what Lives In harmony was able to find out was, Liquor and drugs played a major role. witnessess say jealousy and envy definitely contributed as well. People are desperate for attention and willing to do whatever it takes to get it, even if it means taking people lives. Social Media is over saturated with people desperately seeking attention. Altering their bodies, trying become somebody they’re not. Teenagers by the thousands posting videos and pictures with weapons, Bragging about drugs, spreading rumors and lies, cyber bulling is at an all time high, draining innocent people of their civility and turning them into unlikeable monsters. Majority of the disturbed youth, parents are unaware of the harm and damage being committed by their kids. What’s totally shocking is kids that are knowingly engaging in the malice behavior are not taking any responsibility for their actions, which encourages others to replicate these actions and now the snowball effect has become a pandemic.

The first week of 2024, there were six different mass shooting, in 5 different states  six people dead and more than 29 people physically injured due to gun violence. But what we must not take for granted is the negative mental effect these violent incidents have on survivors and family members of survivors. How can you ever forget when a friend or loved one is tragically murdered or injured. How can I go back to living a normal life after witnessing three or more people being murdered. After escaping a mass shooting how do I look at people the same. Who do I trust. Should I go purchase a weapon? Should I stop hanging in Large gatherings, should I stop looking for entertainment outside the house? Maybe, just stop and think, if its worth it or not. Almost every weekend theres a shooting in or around a night club or bar, which is definitely worth knowing.

It wouldn’t hurt to find pleasure in or around places where violence is not accepted or less likely to happen. It’s definitely time for us to re-think how we talk to people, how we communicate with people and who we surround ourselves with. that means in our recreational ares, places of employment, places of worship, place we shop and places entertain ourselves.

Civility Awareness  means everything. Unnecessary Acts of violence is unacceptable.

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