November 24, 2020

Lives In Harmony

Preventing Unnecessary Acts of Violence

 509th Mass shooting of 2020. Lockport, New York, October 17th.

 509th Mass shooting of 2020. Lockport, New York, October 17th.


 Tragedies like this are the reasons why I Cant be the only one that thinks that  they’re  too many  shootings at parties and other events that attract a large gatherings.    a group a friends 

Hanging out having fun, listening to music and having food, and out of nowhere a  couple  of men walks up to the door and just starts shooting through the door. Knowingly not caring about the people they wound and kill.  When all the shooting ends and the shooters have ran off, 6 people are shot and one person is dead. This terrorist attack will never be forgotten by the five fortunate survivors.


We must address this Epidemic individually and collectively.

Support Civility Awareness by Donating to the Lives In Harmony organization, working to prevent unnecessary acts of violence.

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