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23rd Mass Shooting of 2024, happened in Tinley park ,IL on January 21st.

Husband kills  wife and his three daughters in Tinley park, IL

What makes a man kill his wife and his daughters? Whatever it was, It definitely was not worth it, and once the perpetrator gets the opportunity to think about the harm and damage his actions caused, he will definitely wish he hadn’t done what was did.

Whatever  angered him and triggered is actions, didn’t remind him that he took an oath to love and protect his wife through good and bad, for better or worse.

Unnecessary acts violence continues in the U.S.A. and our law enforcement continues to politicize the acts. We cant continue to criticize  groups of people to make a political point. Four women lost their lives to a senseless act of domestic violence and the Tinley park law enforcement spokesman didn’t hesitate to make sure that the suspect was mentioned as  muslim man. As of January 21 the suspect who is the husband to the mother and father of the 3 young ladies that were killed, has not been charged.But more than likely committed the act.

It doesn’t matter what his religious believes are 4 people are dead, and Tinley Park police holds a press conference talking about violence against women, these are the same people that aren’t speaking on the fact that their have been over 15000 muslim women and kids killed in the last three months, in or around Palestine  by Israel’s military, who are being backed by the United States Government. Sitting President Joe Biden refuses to  call for a cease fire, knowing that majority of U.S.A citizens support a cease fire and are sick and tired hearing and witnessing  the unnecessary acts of violence be committed in our name.

Unnecessary acts of violence is totally unacceptable.

Be Kind to others.

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