October 26, 2021

Lives In Harmony

Preventing Unnecessary Acts of Violence

275th Mass shooting of 2021. June 15th, Chicago Illinois.

A friend and family get together a.k.a house party turns into a shoot out after argument. Leaving four people dead and another four people  with life changing injuries.This is the second of three mass shooting in three consecutive days. It seems like people have nothing better to do but party, get drunk, argue then fight which leads to murder. 

Why do people continually feel the need to carry guns to parties. Makes no sense. Unless you don’t mind killing someone. Every week in the U.S.A  someone is being shot or killed at a party. Clubs are not safe, bottom line. No other way to put it,  the statistics speak for themselves. There are too many guns in the streets of America, to many people that shouldn’t  have guns walking around the streets of America. Couple that with all the well funded gun lobbyist groups and the fact of how accessible guns have become. This is a recipe for disaster and we’re seeing it play out in front of our eyes.

 Can you imagine being inside of a crowded 3 bedroom house party and some “nut case” gets mad cause somebody steps on his Nike “air ones” pulls out a guns and starts shooting, combine that with the fact that other party goers might have a gun as well, now we have  two or three  more shooters in a house party shooting at each other. This is exactly what happened in one of Chicago’s poorest neighborhood on June 15, 2021. This outcome has left kids without parents and dozens of other family members lamenting.



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