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Preventing Unnecessary Acts of Violence

Mass Shooting tracker

Mass Shooting Tracker

2019 Mass Shootings

The 4o4th mass shooting of 2019 took place in Columbus, Ohio October 15th. Three teens and a 20-year-old man were shot. The epidemic of unnecessary acts of violence is sweeping through every community in America. Thirty-eight people killed and a whopping 82 people wounded in the first two weeks of October 2019. Americans killing Americans and attempting to kill other Americans is happening every day in America.. These Acts of Violence are totally unnecessary. We must stop doing permanently stupid things just because we are temporarily upset. Stop taking the lives of others.The epidemic of shootings are sparking the interest of none gun owners. One Chicagoian stated that it has gotten to the point where she feels awkward,  embarrassed and uncomfortable for not owning a gun.  So far, over 1555 people have been wounded, and over 494 people killed due to unnecessary Acts of violence in 2019.

The lack of Civility has reached Epidemic Proportions. Families, Communities and Businesses from all different backgrounds are being affected by this unacceptable behaviour. the Increase of Excessive Anger should be viewed as a life-and-death warning. Most of us wondering possibly like yourself, where is the next one gonna take place. The states with the most mass shootings are California, Texas, And Florida.

The Increase of police presence ( Military style Solutions) have-not proven to be succesful. Almost everyday in the United States of America, there are atleast 2 different occurrences in which  4 or more people are shot.

Lives in harmony Scientific approach prevents Mass shootings and other “Unnecessary Acts of Violence”.


Re-introducing civility in the United States is, highly problematic, but if civility could be introduced by whatever means in places we work, entertain ourselves, on billboards, in stores or on TV I think it would go a long way toward helping people to become aware of the benefits of observance of this behavioural state we call civility The (IRS) Internal Revenue Service  recognizes Lives In Harmony (LIH) as a Section 501(c)(3) public charity. Gifts to LIH are tax-deductible in the U.S.A. Our Federal Tax ID # is 82-0693427.

Help prevent unnecessary Acts of violence by supporting Civility Awareness.


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