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The Mall shootings continue throughout America. The 72nd Mass Shooting of 2023 happened in the State of Texas, an open carry state which allows their citizens to walk around with loaded guns, rifles,  shotguns, and semi automatic weapons all day everyday. Texas mistakenly thought that by passing a law that allows people to walk around with loaded weapons would help prevent mass shootings. Are the citizens of America getting Dumber and Dumber or are the politicians and lawmakers becoming better liars. This is not just a Texas problem, The number of people being shot around the nation on a daily basis is astounding. Gun manufactures like  Colt, Browning, Mossberg,  Sturm, Ruger & Co, and Remington sales are skyrocketing, raking in more money they’ve ever made.While Family members of victims sing the same song, why would someone do this, I never thought this would happen in my neighborhood, La La La, etc. Our scripted News rarely if ever report anything about the number of guns being manufactured in America or the number of shootings that are happening on a daily basis in and around the 52 states of America.

While America government is warning people what countries to avoid Americans citizens are scared to travel to their local grocery store.Where are the public safety announcements , where are the public safety window decals in and around the malls and its stores.

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