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330th mass shooting of 2023 Kansas city Missouri,6/25/2023.

Nightclubs are the new breeding grown for mass shooters.

A after party turns deadly after man couldn’t handle a verbal dispute. Three people dead and six other people recovering from life changing injuries due to gun shots.

If I was you, I would stay away from nightclubs. No matter who’s party it is. Everybody thats in the club isn’t their for fun. Nowadays most  party goers are bringing guns with them to the party. Feeling empowered , full of liquor and other drugs is definitely a recipe for disaster. Where seeing incidents that should be resolved peacefully end in violence and death playing out across America every weekend.Thousand of innocent people are being shot and killed. So Please, don’t think, just because your intentions are good and your with friends and loved ones you’re exempt from any of the dangers thats happening in night clubs all across America. 8 out of every 10 people who are shot or killed  in and around nightclubs, bars, or other parties were innocent bystanders. You should never forget that when shootings take place in crowded areas, anyone who’s in that area becomes a target. 85 to 95 percent of people who owns a gun, are not trained and  don’t have the skills that will prevent them from harming others.

The Nightclubs are very scary places to be.If you think about it. There are no civility awareness billboards or signs . No where inside or around the clubs, No advertisement of public safety or anything that promotes partying in peace.The Music itself seems to encourage people to hurt others, people are drugged out and full of liquor, easily provoked and irritated. Police  always arrives after someone is killed or injured 99.9 percent of the time.

stay away from Night clubs

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