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31st Mass shooting of 2024, Memphis, Tennessee January 28th.

House Party erupts in gunfire  after young adult  sees a person that he had a altercation with earlier in the week. Now,  two People are dead and more than eight other people are suffering from life altering injuries.

Every week in the United States Of America, large gatherings for celebrations are violently interrupted due to gun violence and the lack of civility awareness. Innocent by standers attending parties, clubs, bars and other large gatherings at places we entertain ourselves are being killed and injured. Police have no clue on how to stop the unnecessary of acts of violence from occurring. The general public continue to be fixated on partying, doing drugs and showing off their name brand clothing. Most people attending these parties are well aware of the dangers that comes along with party, but knowingly and willingly  systematically continues to attend them. Americans are always trying to celebrate for no reason, consuming more alcohol than any other country on earth, American teens and young adult population consumed more drugs then any other country on earth and American doctors prescribe more opioids than any other doctors from all other countries combined.

Violence Pandemic in America should be well documented. America is definitely on a crash course. The Gun violence, lack of civility and lack of love for one another is causing people to feel the need to hurt one another. The effort to cure this illness is being ignored by high Level government officials that have dual citizenship in Israel who are benefiting from pharmaceuticals companies, weapon manufactures and the unnecessary acts of violence happening in the Urban areas in our big cities.

Billions of dollars are sent and given to leaders of other countries Like Israel and Ukraine while Middle aged women in America are scared to walk to the local grocery for food because of the fear of when and where the next mass shooting will happen at.

Civility Awareness.

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