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356th mass shooting of 2023, Lewiston Maine, October 27th.

 Robert Card, who planned the mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine is a registered pedophile who was trained as a firearms instructor for the  U.S. Army, Robert  also had been admmitted to a mental health facility for two weeks in the summer of 2023.

The type of mental health treatment received and the mental health facility’s name has not been provided by Law Enforcement due to business purposes. But one thing we do know for sure is. The mental health facility that Mr Robert Card attendant and received treatment, did a horrible job, and other people who are receiving treatment from the same facility should seek alternative help. If the specialist at the facility were Robert Card was treated couldn’t provide the help that Mr. Card needed, to prevent him from killing more than 22 people and injuring over 18 other innocent people, how will the same mental health facility be able to help others who are dealing with similar or same illnesses.

How many other people are out here planning to  injury and possibly kill as many people as they can before receiving the professional help thats needed to prevent horrific crimes like the one committed on October 27, 2023 in Lewiston, Maine. 

Who is your mental health specialist 

Please be very careful who you’re receiving mental treatment from.Remember most of America universities have just recently made theses courses available to students, which means the people or professors who are instructing the classes are not yet seasoned or educated enough in this field to hand out degrees. But our top universities have not ceased the opportunity to cash in. Prestige University like Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and a few others, are not who we think they are.Literally, take a look at our country. Witness the violence, lack of harmony amongst citizens, Look at the corruption in government, lack of leadership, corporate greed and the division between police officers and community. These are definite signs of incivility.

  How many more of our armed forces veterans who’s minds have altered due to fighting in wars and being sent on missions throughout the world to defend Americas interest are coming back home with the same thoughts and attitude of Robert Card.

  Civility Crusade

  Incivility has become an epidemic That is negatively affecting every human on earth. Families and communities are being destroyed by this unacceptable behavior that is being replicated and practiced amongst our youth and adult population. As of  October 27,2023 There’s been over 565 mass shootings in the U.S alone. People are using violence as a means of solving issues that can easily be resolved peacefully. These act’s of violence are taking place in homes, schools, places of worship, places we work and entertain ourselves, negatively affecting people from all different backgrounds. The increase of gun violence should be viewed as life-and-death warning.Most of us are wondering , where is the next one gonna take place.

Support Civility Awareness to prevent violent incidents from occurring.

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