Lives In Harmony

Preventing Unnecessary Acts of Violence

89th Mass shooting of 2020. Memphis, Tennessee April 25th

Seven people are wounded at a party during the during the Corona Virus. I wanna  say ( got dam it) whats wrong with people, why would anyone wanna invite a large gathering of people to attend anything during the worse pandemic of our lifetime. Beyond that why, would someone wanna shoot at random people who are out trying to have a goodtime. Lets forget About “why” and  lets focus on reality. These are true stories and real tragedies, People are still hosting parties  and the epidemic of unnecessary acts of violence continues  all across America. People are killing others without having a second thought, and to be honest, there are millions of young armed Americans citizens attending parties every weekend looking to kill or injure as many people as possible. these armed citizens aren’t purchasing weapons over the counter, and our local and federal government knows it. but  aren’t focusing our resources on finding out how are all of these weapons getting in the hands of these young people. 

We must address this Epidemic individually and collectively.

Support Civility Awareness by Donating to the Lives In Harmony organization, working to prevent unnecessary acts of violence.

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