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Advertising Civility means everything

91st Mass sooting of 2024 happened in Jackson Mississippi on March 31st.

What was intended to be a holiday weekend celebration ended tragically after a 19 year old female shoots 2 kid and two adults during petty dispute.Witness say the celebration was full of kids and everybody seem to be having a great time.Until a minor altercation between two women transpired  which, could’ve and should’ve been resolved easily,  escalated and one of the women pulled out a gun and started shooting recklessly through the crowd wounding an eight year old, a 16 year old, a 20 year old, and a 46 year old.The Unnecessary Acts of violence that took place at Mary C. Jones Park on Easter Sunday is part of an epidemic of unnecessary acts of violence thats is being replicated and practiced by teenagers and young adults all around the country.

This should be a warning sign to party goers and people who are attending large gathering.The Likelihood of someone bringing a weapon to an event you are attending is, likely?

Promoting Civility Awareness means everything in a world that is becoming more and more weaponized.


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