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92nd Mass shooting of 2024 happened on Easter Sunday March 31st, Chicago,Il.

1am Sunday morning gunshots erupt at Poppy’s Chat Room on Chicago’s west side.Reportedly an unknown offender fires shots inside the Chat Room after and altercation.Leaving a 19 yearly old woman dead and four other teenagers with life changing injuries. After barely escaping with their lives, party goers said that this is one easter that they’ll never forget.

Senseless acts of violence has become a norm in and around the U.S.A amongst young teens. This Pandemic of unnecessary Acts of violence currently happening throughout the U.S is all do to the easy accessibility of weapons and the lack of promoting Civility Awareness. Our teenagers aren’t being taught in their homes or in our learning institutions on how to resolve issues peacefully.How to walk away to live another day. Who does the blame fall on, and when or where will the next shooting happen is what most of us are probably thinking. When the question should be how do we prevent these unnecessary acts violence from happening.

In this single mass shooting, all of the victims are under the age 21. The time of the shooting is reported to be 1am. Why are these teenagers out partying at this time of the morning. In a neighborhood that is known for violence. As a parent you must take accountability for knowing where your teenage kids are.

When large gathering are held at commercial properties their should rules implemented that secures all participants safety in and around the venue.There should be peace advocates  and security at every venue that has a license to host a large gatherings.

The Likelihood of someone bringing a weapon to an event you are attending is very, likely?

Civility Awareness means everything in a world that is becoming more and more weaponized.

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