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96 mass shootings in the first 92 days of 2024.

FILE PHOTO: Community members attend a vigil at Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church following a mass shooting at Old National Bank in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. April, 10, 2023. REUTERS/Jeffrey Dean/File Photo

The 95th mass shooting of 2024 happened in Chicago, Illinois on March 31, Easter Sunday, less than 2 miles away from the 92nd mass shooting of 2024, both happened on the same day.

Doesn’t seem that Ironic  when you understand the amount of weapons being manufactured and sold throughout the country, not mentioning the black market where most likely the suspect purchased the weapon from. One would think that since the city is known for its violence amongst its constituent’s civility awareness campaigns would and should be visible to all chicagoans and their visitors throughout the whole city. But thats not the case,

Chicago is the third largest city in the richest country of the world.Rarely, If at anytime or in any public place is their any promoting of civility. Chicago has the second largest public transportation service in country.The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) provided 279 million train and bus rides over the course of 2023. No where on their buses or train platforms are any visible window decals, billboards or other advertisement promoting Civility Awareness. 2024 Easter weekend in Chicago more than 32 people shot or killed, As i’m sitting and writing this story, I received news that 96th mass shooting of 2024 just happened in the Pullman neighborhood with is on the South side of Chicago. One man is dead and two other men are currently fighting for their lives at local hospitals. This makes three mass shooting in two days.This is totally unacceptable all the un-used resources that the city has at its disposal should be opened for use immediately to prevent these unnecessary acts of violence. the Police and the general public would be delighted.

The Likelihood of someone bringing a weapon to an event you are attending is very, likely?

Civility Awareness means everything in a world that is becoming more and more weaponized.

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