Lives In Harmony

Preventing Unnecessary Acts of Violence

97th Mass Shooting of 2020. Chicago, Illinois, May 3rd

Another small gathering during the Corona virus ends in unnecessary acts of violence. As Americans continue to terrorize  other Americans the question remains how are the people committing these crimes ascertaining weapons that aren’t legally purchased. Where are the weapons coming from?Who’s in charge of public safety? What is the public safety budget ? and how’s it being spent? This well tell you, why, Chicago Poorest neighborhoods remains riddled in violence and crime. If  more policing isn’t working why is 80 % of the public safety yearly budget,  given to the police department? Why does the city continue to hire unqualified personnel to head Public Safety department. makes no sense. Maybe the results are satisfying ?

We must address this Epidemic individually and collectively.

Support Civility Awareness by Donating to the Lives In Harmony organization, working to prevent unnecessary acts of violence.

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