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America mass shooting Problem

America Mass Shootings problem.

It’s the last week of February 2023 and instead of celebrating Black history Month were talking about the staggering numbers of Mass Shootings happening in America. The Unnecessary acts of violence seems to be non-stop. In the first 58 days of 2023 there has been 92 mass shootings.

The U.S.A  government has disbursed more $60 Billion dollars to Ukraine in the last 365 days and local news media outlets have continued its endless reporting of the war in Ukraine while people throughout the country are living in fear. Ninety percent of mass shootings go unreported nationally.

People are forced to purchase guns just to have a false since of safety while walking their dogs, while exiting their vehicle to get gas, people are taking guns into nightclubs, grocery stores, places of employment, kids are still attempting to take guns into schools. The lack of civility awareness is turning Americans against Americans. More and more Friends are becoming enemies and family members have stop speaking to one another.

Nightclubs are  one of the most common places where mass shootings are occurring . The most recent shooting happened in Machesney Park, Il at Onyx Bar & Grill on February 26, 2023. Four people were shot. A  few drunk people got into an argument that could’ve and should’ve been resolved peacefully, but due to the lack of civility awareness window decals or other public safety awareness ads in the Bar,  people who aren’t able to control their temper while consuming alcohol allowed a verbal dispute to escalate into a act of violence that ended up with four people being shot and one person still in the hospital fighting for their life.

Data Sources Verified: February 26, 2023

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