October 17, 2021

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Preventing Unnecessary Acts of Violence

Americans killing Americans

 As of February 11,  2021.There has been over 49 Mass shootings in The U.S..A this year alone. This does not include the hundreds of people being shot daily through out the country. America has a dark history of violence  and incivility toward other Americans. So what we’re witnessing at this time should not be surprising. But what should be concerning is, the number of teens that are committing these unnecessary acts of violence  against other teens and adults. The U.S Government should be outraged and should‘ve collectively come up with a solution to combat the incivility epidemic, But Instead, they’re fighting against each other.  Right now.Today American taxpayers dollars are being wasted on attempts by congress members to impeach a President thats no longer in office. No matter how you look at this. One thing we can all agree on is,  this is totally “MEANINGLESS”. Every member of the U.S government thats participating in this should be held accountable for the mis use of Tax payers dollars and stirring up more violence. They should know or should’ve have known that what they’re attempting to do will make America and Americans more divided. Which means more incivility, isolation, loneliness, suicides, murder and other unnecessary acts of violence.


Civility Means Everything

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