October 17, 2021

Lives In Harmony

Preventing Unnecessary Acts of Violence

America’s Gun Problem is real and the numbers don’t lie.


Thousands of Americans have died by the hands-off fellow Americans in possession illegal guns in 2021. Theres a proliferation of teenagers roaming the streets of America with illegal guns that were purchased off the streets or the black market. Un-audited Gun Manufactures  operate lawlessly raking in billions of dollars annually. Our elected officials have to be taking money under the table from these gun advocates as well as gun lobbyist, because the undetected and unsolved horrific crimes that are being committed. We are aware that the rich and the financially well of  people living in America can care less about the have-nots living  America. 

Its not in the best interest of America to stop the sale of guns, legal or illegal.United states of America is the number one leading gun manufacture in the world, which means that there is no other country on the earth that manufactures and sales more weapons then the U.S.A


In the early 80’s white American’s lobbied to have the right to own weapons for the purpose of hunting. All major broadcasting stations made it seem like it wasn’t a bad idea at all. What they weren’t telling us, was the type of weapons that were being bought and how many weapons  were being manufactured. Once the politicians were bought, they in return passed laws that open the door for the average person to have access to semi and fully automatic weapons that are currently in almost every household in America.Guns are the reason people have chosen violence over dialogue.


Your generous contribution will enable us to keep fighting to end incivility and stop unnecessary acts of violence in your community and around the world.

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