Wed. Jul 17th, 2019

Lives In Harmony


Congress Promised

While statistics support the fact that more Americans die by the hand of fellow American. fro the last 10 years less and less of our tax dollars are spent toward keeping Americans in harmony with one another. In December 2018  Congress approved  $716 billion national defense budget for 2019. This is the earliest the defense budget has been passed in the last 40 years. With mass shootings and other unnecessary acts of violence reaching levels never witnessed before, Members of Congress remains grave. 
 Constituents from all across America are witnessing more and more people using violence as a means of resolving their issues. We’re all affected by these senseless unnecessary acts of violence. In 2018 Americans spent close to $14Billion dollars on ammunition. We are becoming divided as a nation. We need programs and ideas that bring us together.

Support our efforts in making sure that most of our tax dollars are used to strengthen families and communities.  


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