Preventing Mass Shootings 2018-11-13T05:04:42+00:00

The United States of America 294th mass shooting happen in Thousand Oaks, California on November 7, 2018  in the third safest neighborhood in the state of California. This indicates that, no community or neighborhood in America our immune to Mass shootings. Guns are easily accessible to all living beings all throughout the united States of America.

In 1997 the U.S was manufacturing a gun every five seconds and every year since then the numbers have incresased significantly. We have more guns in America then people. A straight way of looking at the gun situation coupled with 79 million people living in america that has been diagnosed with some type of mental illness is (something ‘s bound to happen) and it is happening at alarming rates, never witnessed before in history. We are facing an incivility epidemic in America. We have not learned the importance of treating people with love and respect. Our Government spends more money on weapons then on programs that supports love and education. This type of attitude has trickled down to the average citizen living in America. Gun Sales in the U.S are at a record high. The statistics don’t lie, Americans are more likely to be killed by a fellow American then by an foreigner .

 Our schools are lacking resources, the homeless population is escalating,  youth programs are diminshing, The economic gap between the have and have not’s is widening, the lack of mental wellness awarenes . Civility is needed. 

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