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Disgruntled Black youth

As summer 2023 nears and the Covid 19 pandemic ends, teenagers across America are becoming more intolerant, impudent and insubordinate . Adventuring into all types of crimes likes car jacking, looting, mass shootings, physical and verbal assaults, destroying other people  property. Some would love to blame this on the opioid pandemic that was swept under the rug during the Covid Pandemic. But something else has taken hold of these kids. Parents have become powerless to the prowls of their own kids.A very large percentage of black youth thinks that unnecessary acts violence is the key to resolving their issues and they’re targeting one another. Urban neighborhoods are flooded with drugs and illegal guns being tooted around and used by black youth. Police are uneducated and uniformed on how to deal with Black youth.The lack of resources for decades could  definitely be behind what we are witnessing today.

The  Urban areas are surrounded by Advertising that promotes the use of alcohol, prescription drugs and legal services. The men and women that represent the constituents in these communities are fully aware of the negative impact its having on teens and young adults but aren’t smart enough to make change.

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