Lives In Harmony

Advertising Civility means everything

Evil cant be locked up


What makes people not treat others the 

way they would not like to be treated 

              WORD CHOICE

If Evil can’t kill Evil why aren’t people 

using peaceful strategies to de-escalate

issues and conflicts.Could it be pride or  could it be emotions?

Somewhere in the mix feelings are involved 

and the power of truth is ignored which opens

the door for incivility and once the seed of incivility is

Planted, chaos erupts, and the results are usually deadly.

Being honest with one’s self is a task in itself that 

Most people do not want to deal with securely or public.

Mental illness is becoming the common excuse used

as an explanation for the usage of excessive incivility

acts being committed, duplicated  and replicated by teens and adults 

everyday. The numbers of People that are dying 

and being seriously injured  are staggering. 

Somewhere in the mist of all the suffering, death,

misery and destruction are the people that have

witnessed the senseless acts and barely escaped.


I’m beyond flabbergasted. Friends and family members

of people who are victims of  senseless act’s of violence, using

Mourning as an excuse to say harmful things and wish 

bad on others,

these meaningless act are commonly excepted promoted and advertised

on national and local media outlets.  which is Just a sign of how unknowingly easy

people can turn into the person they’re extremely apoplectic with. 

Family’s heighten accentuation for just wanting justice is totally a false

cry for revenge. People need to know that “EVIL” can’t be LOCKED UP.  

Gruesome crimes like the one that happened on February 12, 2022 

near a shell gas station in Chicago. 15 year old Sincere Cole was shot 24 times and  Brutally murdered in broad daylight. or the  unthinkable crime that happened in Kansas City Missouri on April 16, 2023 when Ralph Yarl, 16 year old kid mistakenly knocked on a door of a neighbor looking for his siblings and was shot  two times, once in the head.Left for dead.

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