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Family & Friends

You against the world is an under statement when you apply it to loved ones, The people who you may be willing to die for, more than likely won’t be willing to die for you.

The game called  always put family and friends first , has and always will be a cliche, that should not be taken seriously.

Human, is another name for beast and their similarities are uniquely the same. We’re famous for hurting and killing one another daily. Robbing and stealing from each other, making  each other lives a living hell.

Why does it fill like I’ve forgiven by brother more than 77 times.

We are famous for claiming to be their for our loved ones no matter what, but at what cost. No matter how much I support, encourage and advocate on behalf of their betterment, I Become less appreciated.The more knowledge I ascertain the more of a threat I become. My Brother and Sister has become enemies, I have more than 15 cousins that derived from my father and mother brothers and sisters and I barely know them, rarely see them, we have no idea what each other daily lives are like.I couldn’t recognize their kids out of a lineup if I had too.

Some of my associates maybe closer to me than my family members. Like my banker, a co-worker, the bartender at the local Pub, my gym instructor, or some of my followers on facebook, instagram or Tik Tok.

There are a lot of moments in my life when I feel like theres nobody that I can trust, no exclusions. Jesus is definitely not alone. My dreadful experiences with humans have made me a worse person. Doctors Lie to me and knowingly prescript chemicals that treat symptoms but don’t cure illnesses. My government intentionally Lies to me, for the interest of the nation, a nation that has been in more wars than any other nation in the history of the earth. Our Learning Institutions Hide knowledge, Our Police are un-educated an ill equipment to deal with the mental problems they’re having and the constituents they serve.

Civility Awareness helps keep me sane.

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