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Fifteen Mass shootings in a two day span across the U.S.A

15 mass shootings, 14 people dead, 51 people shot in 13 different states throughout the U.S.A in a two day span.Excessive Anger is becoming the norm in the U.S.A. violence has become the means of solving issues that should and could be easily resolved,  peacefully. While majority of the U.S population is ignoring scientific data. Dozens of families are loosing love ones everyday to gun violence and other means of excessive anger. 

The lack of dialogue and unwillingness to work things out peacefully is having an enormous ill effect on communities all across America, Nobody’s safe and everybody including yourself is wondering were and when is the next shooting gonna happen. More and More people are arming themselves, which means more people are likely gonna get killed. Our homes, places of worship, places of work and places of entertainment has been compromised. Every other day our news networks are reporting violent acts committed by Americans against Americans.

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