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Gun Capital of the World

                                       America’s non-christian like ways unveiled.

Guns, violence, Homosexuality drugs, corruption, debt and a growing lack of respect from other nations around the world is just the start of the United States of America Downfall. What we’re witnessing in 2023 were foretold to us in the holy bible and echoed by the likes of Dr. Martin Luther king Jr., Pastor Billy Graham, Malcolm X. 

Seeing hundreds of thousands of people attempting to enter U.S.A borders on a daily basis makes it look like America is the most  sought out place in the world to live. But what most people don’t know is that America has become a port for tortfeasors.The Sodom and Gomorrah of our generation. People that come to the United states usually turnout to be worse than they were before they entered. Most Migrants leave their countries on a quest to for a better life, hoping to help provide for their family and loved ones back in their native lands, willing to do whatever it takes. Soon after entering the United States they become white washed and controlled by money, eventually loosing all sense of decency and morals, Most people cant see it until their money has dwindled and their mental health has become questionable.  

 Every city in America has an escalating gun, crime and drug problem, Racist white europeans everywhere , they may not openly speak about it or show it in public but best believe me all you need to do is look around and see how segregated the country is, look at the huge wealth gaps between the haves and have nots. If thats to much research, take a road trip through America and visit places like Illinois, New, York, California and Texas so you can witness the racism, division and  inequality amongst its own people. Couple that with the promoting and advocating of homosexuality, unhealthy eating, endless commercials of pharmaceutical ads, Fake news. 


Enter the school systems starting at Pre-K theres nothing within the curriculums that teaches kids how to live in harmony with each other or how take responsibility for one’s own actions.Millions of dollars are spent on getting kids adapted to the sinful nature of homosexuality. Even after dozens of Mass shootings happening in and around learning institutions nothing about civility or public safety is being implemented within the public schools syllabus. Now that social media has exposed white and black teens  opioid addictions. The U.S government is starting to issues out grants to help address Mental health amongst the adolescents. In the same token most states within the U.S.A has stop teaching kids true history and alluded to storytelling instead of evidence and reason, rejecting truth and merit.


This really depends on your ethnicity and race. For African Americans, to me, since 1619 the only change has been the ending of physical slavery in 1865, Mental slavery still exist. The Black Population of America has only produced 7 of the countries 280 billionaires thats 2.5%. African Americans are 13% of the countries population.


Theres not a day or evening that goes by in the United states without someone being shot, robbed or assaulted with a hand gun. Guns and violence has become synonymous throughout the country. The 1st seventy-five days of 2023 theres has been over 110 mass shootings throughout the country.That means a person with a gun has killed or injured four or more people in one location 110 times in seventy-five days. Teenagers are car-jacking people at gun point. Toddlers are findings guns in there homes and killing siblings, kids are taking guns to school and killing teachers, people are taking guns to nightclubs  and killing other party goers, employees are taking guns to work and killing co-workers. Americans have been illegally manufacturing and selling guns for so long theres no real way of truthfully finding out how so many people are continually able to ascertain them.


Something about the catholic religion has always seemed, unreal, creepy and  fictional. Now everything makes sense, the catholic church has started acknowledging  homosexuality. How could dedicated bible studying men of God become pressured into excepting men who practice allowing lust and its sinful nature to continually discredit Gods purpose for men and women.

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