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Loneliness Center Of America Fund

The Loneliness Center

. Why is The loneliness Center of America needed?
The statistics about older people and loneliness are frightening. A whopping 44.7 million people (14%) of the countries populations are 65 or older. 25.1 million older women to 19.6 million older men. In 2014 study showed 73% of elderly men was married and 48% of elderly woman was married. But what scares me about these statistics is that 35% of elderly women were widows. About 28% (12.5 million) of non-institutionalized older persons live alone (8.8 million women, 3.8 million men). Many of these elderly men and women are suffering from ”intense” Loneliness but is reluctant to ask for help. In a poll conducted in November 2013, 9 out of 10 older people told researchers that “a chat on the phone” is the most helpful solution when they feel lonely but 1 in 4 older people say they never or seldom have someone to chat to on the phone. (about 3.9 million) say the television is their main company.

The Loneliness Center of America believes that when a person is in need of company there should be a person available for them to talk to. We want to make this happen by ensuring that: 

1. People most at risk of loneliness are reached and supported
2. Services and activities are more effective at addressing loneliness
3. A wider range of loneliness services and activities are developed
4. The Loneliness center of America knows the importance of having resources and the empowerment it provides. People that lack resources are more likely to be ignored
5. connecting and pulling family members together to help one another. identifying older people experiencing, or most at risk of, loneliness.
Fire brigades can be easily Trained to inspect homes not just for fire safety but for signs of social isolation.
Loneliness is a serious health and social issue. It is likely that everyone will feel lonely at some point in their life. In fact, studies since the 1940s have consistently found that 5-16% of people aged 65 or over feel lonely all or most of the time. But research now shows that this can be detrimental for our physical and mental health: – Loneliness contributes to health problems including psychological stress, higher blood pressure, sleep problems, depression and, cognitive decline.
– Loneliness affects mortality – one review that combined the findings of 148 studies revealed that participants with stronger social relationships and ties had a 50% decreased risk of mortality.
– Compared to non-lonely people, people who experience chronic loneliness have an increased risk of developing dementia by 64%. We must act now to prevent Loneliness from taking the life of someone we love or know. Please donate

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