October 16, 2021

Lives In Harmony

Preventing Unnecessary Acts of Violence

Loneliness Global Pandemic

How harmony works = Being kind to others, having confidence at the same time remaining humble..never forgetting that your creator is a creator of billions of

others… never treat others the way you would not want to be treated… allow the power of love to resolve any and all social conflicts …never forget that you are loved and there are billions of others who are loved just as much as you are

Being great sometimes demands selfishness, not caring about others.

  1. People who like to see others suffering
  2. People who ignore peace
  3. People who don’t advocate social and income equality.
  4. People who say I’m just doing my job even if their job description entails making other people lives bothersome
  5. Any person that’s quick to anger
  6. Anyone that’s unwilling to dialogue to resolve a conflict to prevent it from escalating into violence

Lives In Harmony

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