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Memphis Tennessee, home of the 94th Mass shooting of 2023

A stolen car lead to the 94th mass shooting of 2023.Two people were gunned down and two other men are still in the hospital recovering from life altering injuries. Car thefts are common in every part of America but rarely do we hear of people getting killed for the crime, but these are the days we’re living in .Everybody has guns and every body supposedly has mental health issues and these are the results.  Neighbors, friends and family member don’t seem to be shocked about the daily occurrences that are happening in and around the state of Tennessee. Nine people were shot over the weekend and this mass shooting marks the third in 59 days.Just like most of the mass shootings that occur almost a daily basis this shooting is definitely gonna make more people go buy guns, which is gonna result in more killings. Were are the public safety Ads and Billboards.

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