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Preventing Unnecessary Acts of Violence

Monopolizing America’s department of Transportation


The third largest public transportation authority in America has declined to allow public safety messages and banners on their buses and train’s. At the same time allowing any company to buy Ad space. 

you can find all type of Ads on buses and trains all through out the U.S.A but you won’t find anything that says stop the violence , call a loved one, Be Kind to Others, or Hi how is your day going. 

Who’s benefiting from the lack of civility awareness window decals and Ads in places where crime and violence is rampant. Foreign Companies like JCDecaux has signed million dollar contracts with cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles  department of transportation to build street furniture, promising to improve the quality of life and the visual amenity of cities.But quality of life has not improved .  JCDecaux is selling advertising space to the digester bidders raking millions of dollars annually. you wont find anything that promotes public safetyValuable City resources which can be used to combat high crime rates and unnecessary acts of violence.

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