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My Story

My story

 When I think about my mission, and what drives me to end loneliness are my ever present memories of my family gatherings when I was just a little kid.. so many people with an unlimited amount of love flowing in the atmosphere, always captivated, fascinated and in some ways, even hypnotized me. I never stop to realize or question whether or not  all of the people that attended were family or not. The smiles, the hellos, the hugs, and all the harmony amongst us was so inspiring that it instilled in me the need and the want to share the experience with others. I guess, I expected that everybody wanted the same comfort, the same joy, and that same exuberance. No matter where the gathering was taking place, every experience was the same, full of love and excitement to be amongst one another. I remember seeing my grandma and her sisters and brothers and some of their friends, some had siblings and some didn’t but all treated me like family  I treated them the same. I never knew how beneficial these relationships and our acts of kindness toward one another would become.

  What Happened

  As I grew older, I couldn’t help but notice the attendance at the family gatherings dwindling more and more. Almost to the point that it was immediate family only. I was aware of a few deaths in the family and of friends in recent years. But that couldn’t explain how we went from standing room only at family gatherings to 5 empty seats at the dinner table. All the faces that I had become familiar with were becoming memories and all the relationships that I had established seemed very distant. Funerals and wakes were the only time I got the opportunity to see the faces that played a major role in my upbringing. 

Cumulative  disadvantage 

Lack of communication amongst family and friends was the reasoning behind everybody’s disappearance. one of the key ingredients to happiness is love, feeling love, being love, HARMONIZING TOOLS my family had stop sharing amongst each other. Installing the harmony back into my family was was my mission. Taking 2 to 3 minutes a week to encourage a love one, letting he or she know that they’re needed, haven’t been forgotten or that they’re loved, is so fundamental, I believe we owe it to each other. Who wants to feel like no-one understands them or how many of us wants to grow old alone.. We’re in this together and the sooner we can accept and acknowledge it, we will begin to treat each other with the respect and love we all need.