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Nashville Tennessee mass shooting

130th Mass shooting of 2023 happened in Nashville, Tennessee March 27th.

The trend of transgender men and women using violence as a means to solve their issues should be considered A threat to America’s interest. These unnecessary acts of violence are signs that provides visual truth of the urgent attention needed to address this crisis. The mass shooting that happened in Nashville Tennessee on March 27, 2023 marks the 130th mass shooting of the year. This unnecessary act of violence took president over 129th mass shooting of 2023 which happened in Milwaukee Wisconsin on the same day. Government representatives from every state in the country have done nothing absolutely nothing to stop Americans from harming other Americans.

Gun Control

 Most People agree that it’s a little too late for gun control. The average American family household already owns 2 or more guns and that doesn’t include the illegal guns that they have. Past and present governmental officials of Tennessee has made it very easy for anybody to access weapons like the one’s used in the massacre that claimed the lives of three kids and three adults at a private school in Nashville Tennessee on March 27, 2023, legally or illegally.  We should not forget that, if the U.S government approves stricter gun laws, most Americans are going to flock to guns stores to buy as many weapons and ammunition as they can before the law is even implemented. You don’t need to be rocket scientist to know that all gun manufacturing companies in the U.S are not being regulated properly. If they were the number of people totting handguns illegally would be drastically lower, the number people being shot on daily a basis would be lower robberies and violent crimes would be down. Thousands of teenagers and young adults would still be alive. Our correctional institutions would be less than capacity.  Our Neighborhoods,  recreational areas, place of employment, shopping centers, and religious institutions would be safer.


Mental health

Since the end of the Covid 19 pandemic there’s been a strong effort by our news media and politicians to urgently push mental awareness of mental health issues to a people who has been struggling with the same issues for over 400 years… inequality, racism and wealth disparities currently still exist in America.. States like Florida has already banned kids from learning the truth about American history.Florida has banned books about civil rights activists like Rosa Parks a  Black woman who played a pivotal role in the Montgomery Alabama bus boycott. Some of America’s inhumane segregation issues still currently exist 68 years after Rosa Parks declined to give up her seat to a white passenger.


My problem with this is. Who are the people or the professionals thats administering mental health treatment and who are they being supervised by.What schools did they learn from what experiences qualifies them? The issues that we’re witnessing in America today our issues that have been around since the founding of America. Universities are not qualified to help people dealing with mental health issues because they, themselves are the ones that are causing mental health issues. We’re not taught in school how to love people, how to get along with people,  how to live in harmony with one another, how to take responsibility for our actions, how to resolve issues and conflicts peacefully.


 Family members of victims suffering from mental health, more than likely are suffering from health issues themselves. people are confused, income inequality, single parent households, Loneliness, lack of knowledge, lack of communication amongst the older and younger generation created by social media platforms. it’s almost impossible to establish bonds with loved ones. everywhere you go and everywhere you look, people are on their wireless phones watching other people seeking attention. 


America is a Christian nation that openly accepts homosexuality which is something Jesus christ considered an abomination . We accept the manufacturing of weapons, we torture  and use terrorism amongst our fellow Americans, neighbors and others around the world. America has had their hand in almost every war since world war 1. For over 200 hundred years American christians and catholics knowingly honored and taught other American’s and people abroad about a European Jesus, they falsified Jesus image by hanging pictures in churches and religious institutions. Biblical scholars should know or should’ve known that Jesus wasn’t European. They did it anyway not thinking about the repercussions and ill  affects, it would have on society, centuries down the line. Friends are becoming enemies, family members are not speaking parents are allowing their children to change their gender. Our learning institutions are  being ruined because of greed and people lust. 

Were killing each other daily.

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