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Nightclub shootings every weekend in the U.S

Are nightclubs safe? I guess thats  really depends on who you ask.Lately the uptick in violent incidents happening in and around nightclubs and bars are drawing huge concerns.More and more people are doing drugs and consuming liquor to help deal with Social Isolation. It seems like everybody wants to be seen or heard. Social media could easily be the blame for the social isolation epidemic, but is it the reason why so many people are using violence as a means to get their point across.

Club owners only concern is to pack the place up, generating as much revenue as possible. When if ever do you see or hear of a nightclub advertising “partying in peace”.I’ve never seen a billboard, window decal, or poster requesting people act civil toward others inside or outside of a nightclub.Party promoters are fully aware of the fact that drugs and alcohol alters one’s thinking and since theres no cap on buying drinks while in the club more conflicts and disputes are happening.Bouncers are even jeopardizing their lives when attempting to break up conflicts and disputes because of the accessibility of Guns. People are sneaking guns into the clubs or have left their gun in the car, still putting them at risk.Most shootings at Nightclubs happen around the nightclub when the party is about to end or has ended, and When the gun fire erupts innocent bystanders are ten times more like to be injured.Another thing about these club shootings that are going unannounced are, how most of these disputes are started. 

Most reports indicate that conflicts arise in Nightclubs because

  1. Person stepping on another persons shoe
  2. Dancing with another persons significant other
  3. People Intentionally trying to make another person jealous
  4. Envying another person
  5. The way another person looked at you
  6. To Much Alcohol
  7. Instigators
  8. Being with friends feeling empowered 
  9. Seeing a person you don’t like

If you’re going to nightclub , make sure that the party’s  promotors has done more than enough to make sure that your safe.

Remember some people don’t even go to the club to dance , they just stand around waiting on someone to step on their shoes or accidentally waist a drink on them, or look at them the wrong way, thats all they need.

Being safe a nightclub is easier said than done.

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