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Pearland Texas, 5 people shot including a one dead kid attempting to Flee a Flea Market

How and why are so many shootings happening in and around crowded areas.

Everybody is wondering how could a Flea market turn into a mass shooting investigation scene. Who woke up on Sunday morning and said lets take the kids and the guns to the Flea Market.  Thats exactly what a few people did in Pearland Texas, where open carry is allowed, even if you’re not trained on how to de-escalate the situation.

Thousand of people wake up every weekend and travel to flee markets throughout the U.S to shop, find deals  and to interact with others. For most shoppers it’s a great opportunity to spend time with family members. So how could 5 people end up shot, one person dead including a child. This could’ve never happened if  guns weren’t brought to the Flee Market. Thats something we can all agree on. Secondly Why aren’t people willing to use dialogue to resolve these minor confrontations with one another, Is it the guns thats empowering people. Could it be the lack of concern for others including loved ones, or is it Just fear. What ever it is we need to find out Quickly, because innocent lives are being lost, too many kids are loosing their lives because of adults mistakes, and Pretty soon all recreational areas, places we shop, our workplace, and places we entertain ourselves will become places were people know they can injure and kill as many people they would like if they want.

The 602nd mass shooting of 2023  is another replicated crime thats happening almost twice a day in the U.S. Civility Awareness campaigns are still not being promoted or created. But what we do see on our billboards and TV Ads , are Pharmaceutical ads, Insurance ads, And Liquor commercials, Nobody who has money seems to wanna invest in civility, No one really seems to care enough about the prevention of killing in and around them until it happens. Until someone they know have been negatively effected. The bad thing about that is, by then most of the victims and those that witnessed mass shootings have become gun owners them selves. Which increases the likelihood of another mass shooting happening.

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