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Preventing Unnecessary Acts of Violence

Prevention is everything

women escaped Mass Shooting

Preventing Mass Shootings

As of  October 3, 2019, There have been over 380 incidences where a single shooter has actively killed or injured 4 or more people. Over 1472 hundred people have been injured and over 456 killed, this year alone. 

 People are using violence as a means of solving issues, that can easily be resolved peacefully. These act’s of violence are taking place in homes, schools, places of worship, places we work, fitness centers, theaters, places we shop and other places we entertain ourselves, negatively affecting people from all different backgrounds. The increase in gun violence should be viewed as a life-and-death warning. Most of us are wondering, where is the next one gonna take place.

What are we doing to make people, not wanna kill others?

 If we really want to prevent these acts of violence from happening we need to stop spending more money on police. larger police presence does not make neighborhoods safer. In Chicago’s Urban neighborhoods police are in their cars posted on almost every corner. The weekend of August 3, 2019, seven people were killed and forty-six were wounded. No arrest was made. One Police Tweeted out the audio of gunfire that could be heard in close proximity. With over 5,000 gun manufactures in the U.S.A, purchasing weapons legally or illegally is very easy.

Mass Shootings are globally recognized as acts of evil.

Well, what is  Evil?

Evil is the absence of good, and the remedy for an “absence” is a “presence”. Evil is an absence and, therefore, it cannot be healed with an absence. Hating evil or, one that is engaged in evil, you contribute to the absence of good and not to its presence. The presence of good scientifically rids evil.  An evil person can be arrested, but can evil be arrested? An evil group can be imprisoned, but can evil be imprisoned?  A compassionate heart is scientifically proven to be more effective against evil than an army.  An Army can engage another army, but it cannot engage evil. A compassionate heart can engage evil directly – it can bring good where there is no good.

We need to use our authentic power.