Harmony in schools 

Lets make our schools safer and free of violence by starting a Lives In Harmony club. A Club that provides a safe platform where fellow students can dialogue about peaceful solutions to conflicts, grievances, disagreements, bullying and confrontations to prevent acts of excessive anger. Supporting our kids efforts to live in harmony with one another is an incredible way to rid our schools from acts of violence. 

The increase of gun violence in and around schools are contentious signs, that should be viewed as life-and-death warnings. Now is the time to educate people how to control excessive anger. Gun ownership in the U.S. is highly concentrated, and the trend promises to continue.

prevention is what we specialize in


While mass shootings dominate our media, most gun activist and lobbyist seem to have no clue on how to prevent people from killing one another. A whopping 32,000 gun deaths occur annually.That’s more than any other nation on Earth. A 2014 F.B.I. study showed that about 11 mass shootings occurred each year on average. On November 7, 2018 in Thousand Oaks, California a total of 13 people died in a mass shooting making it the 294th mass shooting in the U.S . 

Lives in Harmony believes that our kids are our future. kids having an active role in preventing acts of excessive anger can be a vital tool in keeping our schools and play areas free of these types of acts violence.

As Humans we posses a god given sense of love for one another. So lets build a platform where we can dialogue encouraging one another about the importance of living in harmony.

Let us help you Create a Lives in Harmony club in your school,community or workplace to help prevent acts of violence from destroying life. We believe that our kids should have access to knowledge and resources that will keep our schools and play areas free of these types of acts violence.

How to setup your school lives in harmony club

Just a few easy steps are required :

1.Get authorization from a school official, like a  principal, teacher, counselor To start a Lives in Harmony club that will create a platform for kids to dialogue and resolve issues and concerns for the amelioration of the school.

2. Make sure to that the the principle authorize a designated area  for the Club to dialogue.

3.Put the word out on social media, facebook, instagram, twitter,etc…

4.Ask fellow class mates, friends school staff to become actively involved in keeping our school’s free of mass shootings, bullying, or any other forms of acts of violence. Prevention is key.

5.Setup a sign up station during your lunch period for enrollment. 

If you would like help setting up a Lives In Harmony Club at your school please contact us at: info@Livesinharmony.or