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Radical racism

Radical racism

Racism is definitely a growing concern in almost every community of our country and every nation of the world. At the core of any working definition of racism is the unspoken ingredient of fear. People around the world all belong to the same human race; they share the same tendencies to fear, domination, and subjugation. Hence, inevitably, racism is a world-wide issue. Radical racist groups are gaining more and more acceptability in countries like the United States,France, Germany, and Austria. The I’ll effects of racism has spread into our schools and work places and are creeping slowly into our recreational areas and places of worship.

There’s no denying the powerful effect and the havoc its causing on the worlds economies, world politics, healthcare and host of other  traditional prerequisites thats helps keep mankind in harmony with one another. Radical Racism must be purged from the actions of mankind.

  • Over 7,000 hate crimes were committed in 2016 according to the Federal department of justice. 
  • Race base hate crimes rose 6.3%
  • Hate crimes with an Anti-African bias continues to be the most common, accounting for 50.2% (2,123) of all hate crimes in 2016.

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