Lives In Harmony

Advertising Civility means everything

Resolution Center

 Scientific approach to

  1. Keeping communities safer
  2. Making public transportation safer
  3. keeping shopping malls safer
  4. keeping learning Institutions  safer
  5. Bridging the generational gap  amongst older and younger people
  6. Making incarcerated adults and youth better citizens
  7. strengthening family bonds

The world we live in is becoming more and more divided, disputes, conflicts and wars amongst governments and religions have seeped into our communities, neighborhoods, schools and work places like never witnessed before in history.   Everyday our media outlets are covering breaking stories of humans killing other humans mentally and physically. Adults and adolescents are actively participating in excessive anger behavior at alarming rates. Whats even more scarier is that we have some the best preschools grade schools, high schools and universities in the world, but, yet have we made a champions effort to making sure that all mankind live in harmony and free from excessive anger and violence. 

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