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Advertising Civility means everything

Teenagers obsessed with Death is the world’s worse nightmare.

As of May 15, 2024 theres been over 157 mass shootings this year in the U.S.A alone.

85 per cent of this generation of young black and brown men and women are descendants of parents, aunts, uncles or close relatives who sold drugs, did drugs or were closely associated in one way or another with the opioid, cocaine or heroin epidemic that terrified the minority communities in the mid-’80s through the early 2000s. Every day or every other day teenage boys or teenage girls are involved with someone’s death. 

 Mental health seems to be the new go-to diagnosis for our young black and brown men and women, and this disease is spreading like an uncontained fire. Unqualified psychologists and medical professionals who have never experienced or been trained to treat a pandemic of this sort are experimenting on these teens making things much worse for the generations to come. Doctors are prescribing all sorts of non-affective medicines. That has been proven to make anyone’s life better. Instead, kids are popping more pills than at any time in history. The Black market for opioids has made the non-conventional drugs accessible to any teen anywhere in the U.S

Teenagers are willing and kill themselves and others at an alarming rate. Nobody wants to talk about our trained physicians who know or should have known that these addictive drugs are turning these teens into uncontrollable beasts. It has gotten to the point that most of the parents of the kids that are addicted to or associated with these drugs have no clue on how to deal with their kids, Family members don’t even have answers. Sending them to the psych ward, where the kids are going to be drugged, to the point where they’re just walking up and down the hallways like mummies. This is not a script for a movie, this happening in real-time as we speak in every state in the U.S.A

Don’t believe me, just ask yourself, do you think teenagers are a threat to safety, The brazing armed robberies, the snatch and grabs and all the unnecessary acts of violence? The majority of the crimes just mentioned are being committed by teenagers. America’s worst nightmare has just begun. We have made weapons accessible to kids, the worst thing a nation can do.  Medicine will not be able to resolve this ongoing tragedy.

        What can we do

 We have to promote and advertise Civility Awareness like our life depends on it. On every network, on every social media platform, throughout every neighborhood, in grocery stores, in recreation areas, in our learning institutions, our shopping malls, places of worship, and along our highways. We must remain in preventive mode until we can rid this type of behavior  from the minds of our youth and young adult population,

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