October 26, 2021

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Preventing Unnecessary Acts of Violence

the 292nd and 293rd mass shooting of the year , Chicago Illinois August 3, 2019

In a two hour span, 14 people were wounded and were killed by gun violence in Chicago’s west side neighborhood while police were present.  The increase of police presence doesn’t seem to be preventing the unnecessary acts of violence that are happening every day on the streets of Chicago.  With all the tools available to the city of Chicago Mayor to create safer and prosperous communities, still, there are no Tv or radio commercials, Billboards, Public service announcements promoting civility in these neighborhoods, Not a single print of advertising promoting harmony amongst each other.  All the youth see is police in polices cars circling the block. These communities are occupied by people of color.  The gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants are all owned by foreigners that don’t live in the community. Local politicians aren’t, empowering or innovating the youth or young adult population to become entrepreneurs or business owners. Basically, all they do is create food banks that give out bags of groceries. Handouts, keeping the people dependent on them.

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