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The Art Of Preventing Gun Violence


Attacking the Root cause

  1. Educate people on the importance of not using guns as a means of solving issues.
  2. Targeting and attracting those that are considered high risk.
  3. Advertising violence prevention on all platforms, digital, media, billboards, Street Furniture, etc
  4. Guns are to easily accessible 
  5. Promote More Dialogue
  6. Awareness campaigns/Anti revenge campaigns

What’s the likelihood of you or someone you know becoming a victim of Gun violence?

People are always wondering why did this person shoot that person or how could this person do something so horrible. What these two scenarios have in common is that their after the fact questions.  

These questions are meaningless, especially to the families of the victims and the suspect.It becomes more prevalent when you take in consideration the high number of  people  being killed and injured due to Unnecessary acts of violence on a daily basis. Our efforts should be focus in preventing  anyone from becoming a victim of unnecessary acts of violence. 

Rhetorical questions invites rhetorical answers .

  • Q. How could something like this continue to happen? 
  • A. It’s not uncommon,  in the first six months of 2024 theres been over 250 mass shootings, more than 8300 people killed, and over 15,000 people injured from gun violence in the U.S alone.
  • Q. This is usually a quiet neighborhood?
  • A. Wake up, No neighborhood is immune to excessive anger  and unnecessary acts violence in America. People are killing people everyday and everywhere in America and the likelihood of others being injured is very high.

What are you doing to prevent yourself or a loved one from becoming the next victim of unnecessary act of violence?

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