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Preventing Unnecessary Acts of Violence

The Last 72 hours there has been 12 mass shootings in 11 different states.

January 1st – September 1st of 2022  there has 450 Mass shootings.

Over 1,596 people shot and injured and 456 people killed.

The latest Mass shooting happened at Jennings Senior High School in Sant Louis Missouri on august 29th. the second week of the the new school year. Four people were shot and left with life altering  injuries, but dozens of others who witness the shooting are still trying to recover from the paralyzing mental effect of witnessing the unnecessary act of violence would.

Within the last 48 hours there has been 12 mass shootings in the United state.

1.Spokane Washington, August 27th: three people shot , one killed.

2.Lexington Kentucky, August 27th: Seven people shot.

3.Brooklyn New York,  August 27th: four people shot, one person killed.

4.Phoenix Arizona, August 28th:  eight people shot , three people killed.

5.Los Angeles California, August 28th:  six people shot. 

6.Detroit Michigan, August 28th: 4 people shot, three people got killed.

7.Denver Colorado, August 28th: 4 people got shot and one person killed.

8.Houston Texas, August 28th: 6 people shot and four people were killed.

9.Albany New York, August 28th: Six people were shot, no fatalities. 

10.Bend Oregon, August 28th: five people got shot, three people dead.

11.Clinton Wisconsin, August 28th: 4 people shot, no fatalities.


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