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This is Horrifying. Israel government out of control.

Because of the military actions of the  Israel government  toward the Palestine in and around October 2024. Majority of jewish people around the world will have to live under constant threat for decades possibly generations to come. It’s frankly impossible for  people to forget the life of loved ones dying of horrific deaths, that could’ve easily been avoided by using scientific, rationale peaceful dialogue. Lives in Harmony organization is not Anti-Semitic. we solve conflicts by using science and truth through peaceful dialogue.Jews have basically occupied since Israel since 1947 after leaving Germany where they witnessed family and friends being marched into gas chambers and getting killed by other terroristic methods.The German military was defeated and the slaughtering of jews ended.

The world reactions toward the atrocities was overwhelmingly in the jews favor and open arms were presented in the region where jews now call home. Since that time jews have been illegally creating settlements cornering the Palestine people until he point where they have to rely energy that derives from the jewish people.

This in its self shouldn’t have never happened. With the help of its European allies, Israel has become the only country in the middle east with nuclear weapons. We’re talking weapons that are designed and created to inflict harm and death upon humans and animals.

How could a Religious group of people impose and commit terrorize acts upon a nation, which 45 percent of the population are kids and young adults.

What we are witnessing is genocide, mass shootings win bulk, mass murdering and unthinkable acts evil being committed as acts of revenge. Being backed and supported by all European nations.

To all my readers.You don’t need to be rocket scientist to know that what Israel is doing is absolutely unwarranted and unacceptable. Their actions are definitely making the world a less peaceful/safer place to live. Israel is jeopardizing American Lives as well their own lives at the expense of American Tax payers who overwhelmingly disagree with the monies Israel is receiving to help maintain power in that region.

I cant predict the future, but it seems like the people who runs the jewish government is trying to start World 3.World leaders can’t continue to sit back and allow the Government of Israel to destroy Palestinian people.

The Jewish people will never be safe if they continue working for Satan.

Evil cant be defeated by evil.

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