October 26, 2021

Lives In Harmony

Preventing Unnecessary Acts of Violence

Turn yourself In? Whaaat.. Who does that?

92nd Mass Shooting of  2021, Chicago Illinois, March 14th.

Is, Please turn yourself in, all we can say?

Well thats all chicagoan’s are hearing from local officials after Gun shots erupts at an illegal party in car repair shop on Chicago’s Southside which lefty 2 people dead and 13 other men and women with bullet wounds and memories that will never go away.  Can u imagine going out to party for a few hours and witnessing a massacre taking place right in front of your eyes. These types of scenes are happening all across America in Bars, Clubs, places of worship, recreational  areas and places of employment.  But People are still looking for parties to attend  when unnecessary acts of violence, Guns sales, mass shootings is at all time highs, couple that with a global pandemic currently in affect.


 “Please, turn yourself in” has never worked and it’s quite insulting to the victims and family members of the thousands of people who are killed by unnecessary acts violence yearly in the U.S.A. Just ask your self.How often do killers turn themselves in? Rarely.


When was the last time a President of a country held a press conference on the importance of civility, on the importance of living in harmony with each other.You will probably never hear that in America, because America sells and manufactures more guns then any other nation on earth.


Civility Means Everything

Your generous contribution will enable us to keep fighting to end incivility and stop unnecessary acts of violence in your community and around the world.

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