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Advertising Civility means everything

     Western Illinois University home of the 121st mass shooting of 2023 

Another party another shooting  and like most of Americas mass shootings, this one happened in or around a learning institution. Eleven people shot and one person fatally shot.

Witnesses say everything was all good until a verbal altercation broke out. There were no trained violence preventers or security guards present to restore civility and prevent any unnecessary acts of violence.

  Drugs drinking and guns continue to reap havoc across the U.S.A. In the first 125 days of 2023 there has been over 122 Mass shootings. Teaching kids the importance Public safety   has not garnered enough attention yet. There are still no public safety awareness ads in or around Western Illinois University. There are no courses being taught about the importance of civility or living in Harmony with one another. The staff of Western University needs to be held accountable for this weekends tragedy. They should know or should’ve known that western University was not immune to mass shootings and prepared students for a likelihood of something  happening like this. It is well known fact that U.S.A  government is grappling with outdated Gun laws which makes accessing weapons of mass destruction much easier to obtain.  The big questions is, are teachers and professors mentioning any of this in class rooms.

Just like most victims and survivors of mass shooting the memory of reliving the event will never leave.The fear of knowing people can commit something like this again remains prevalent were ever they go.

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