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Nuclear weapon back pacK

When are the “backpack nukes,” gonna be replicated and sold on the black market? Now that there’s a mass shooting almost daily in America, how soon will it be before people are creating their own nuclear weapons? America is the only country in the world that has citizens capable of purchasing and creating nuclear weapons undetected. Thousands of teens all across America are already bragging and showcasing on popular social media platforms how easy it is to create guns from plastic.
It’s not a day or night that goes by In America without a person flaunting or displaying a weapon that’s created to kill another person. And It’s not just the 60 to 70-year-old white men who are obsessed with the Second Amendment of America’s bill of rights. It’s the 16 to the 55-year-old black man and black women who are purchasing weapons in record numbers. If they can’t get them in a store they’re purchasing them off the Black Market A.K.A “ The streets”. The gun manufacturers are creating so many guns the government aren’t able to track them all. We’re 51 days into the year 2023 and there has already been a whopping 81 mass shootings in America. That means four or more people-victims injured or killed excluding the subject/suspect/perpetrator, in one location. The U.S.A. has 81in 51 days, those are War numbers, It’s like the whole country is gang banging and nobody notices but me. We should mention that these are Americans killing Americans. The shootings are happening in places of worship, grocery stores, recreational areas, places of employment, night club, concerts, and even on the highway. The 81st Mass shooting of 2023 happened in Chicago Illinois on popular Highway I-57. 6 people sustained life-altering injuries and 3 kids died in the incident.
Now that America’s Mental health is becoming the focal point, rightfully so, we must not forget that most Americans are being forced to accept things that have been considered ungodly for centuries. Gender neutrality policies are designed to eliminate gender distinctions. America is telling you, that Science doesn’t Matter. A boy, born a boy has the opportunity to be a girl if he chooses. In most cases, the courts allow it Without the mother’s consent. Not even universal income can prevent “backpack nukes” from becoming accessible to the average American.

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